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It's delicious and I love it!


Granny Fay's: Welcome


Wow! Where do I even begin with this amazing lady! Meet the Granny to the "Granny Fay's" nameWe all loved going to Granny and PaPa's House. They were simple. They didn't live any kind of extravagant life. They lived on a farm, too, and I loved everything about it. Granny was an amazing cook. Lunches were dinner time on the farm. Full meal ready noon and we all ate around the table together. Granny's favorite food was fresh strawberries, pieces of homemade crust, and fresh cream poured over the top! This is why strawberry pies is a MUST in our Granny Fay's pie lineup! 

Granny did not cut corners. When she baked, she measured everything perfectly, and taught us the importance of this. Cinnamon rolls were a staple at every family dinner, only they weren't on the dessert table, they were on the main course table! Hahaha! We certainly all loved our homemade sweets! 

Granny was and still is one of the most determined, hardworking people I know. I definitely was blessed to come from a family line on both sides of hard workers. 

Granny is now 96 years old and I am so thankful that she is still apart of my life. I see her often. She still lives on her own and is one tough cookie!!! She orders pies and we enjoy our love for pie together. Strawberry and Peach are 2 of her favorites. 

I use many of her recipes still today. Her crust is the BEST and I get told that our pie crust is THE BEST EVER...A LOT!!!

LOVE YOU GRANNY! Forever thankful for a life with you in it!!!!

Granny Fay's: About


Oh goodness!! Now it's time to introduce you to the "Fay" of Granny Fay's. Grandma Fayla was one of a kind. She was tough. Had grit. Hard working. A bit hard to please ( a bit might be an understatement, lol)...but we all learned so much from her. I didn't grow up as much on a daily basis with Grandma Fayla when I was really little, but when we got into the fruit market era of our life, she was very involved. In junior high, when we ran the fruit market out of the (Upcycled Orchard Building, formally Cook's Market, Baxter's Orchard, Pennington's Orchard...and a couple of other owners inbetween) this is when Grandma Fayla and my Aunt Norma started making pies and breads. 

Grandma left home at age 14, so lets just say she did not have it easy.  She was a great cook!!! I honestly probably tend to cook more like Grandma Fayla in that I often don't follow recipes and I cook to taste, most of the time. She was not as much about the detail as she was making something out of nothing, because that's how she survived. She truly could make something out of nothing! (Although we all did tend to avoid ham salad day. Ham salad was usually when the meat grinder came out and the cleaning out of the freezer began! Lol!)

I made pies with Grandma Fayla on a regular basis at the shop. We also did sandwiches, her famous fruit rollups, had homestyle buffet dinners on the weekends and so much more. Grandma loved us all very much, but she was a little more of the "tough love" kind of grandma. She taught us all to work hard and we definitely all had a little tougher skin then most our age. 

Grandma Fayla passed at the age of 89. She would have been 100 years old this year, Aug. 4th. Thankful for the time I had with her and the many things I was taught. 

Granny Fay's Pies is a mix of teachings from both of these amazing ladies and a bit of my own added in. Hoping that I can continue to pass the love of pie to my kids and their kids and etc...  May the gift of baking that was given to both Granny Doris and Grandma Fayla be passed on to the generations to come! ...and may all of you continue to enjoy our pies!!! 

Granny Fay's: About
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